The Italian Radio DISCO-rd, who recorded a very brief interview with William Anderson in March, have now published an interview of more than one hour with our favorite BGM composer. Thank you!

Their copypasta:

My name is Doctor Whooves, and I’m the DJ of Radio DISCO-rd, the Italian Brony Radio which made a short, “by-the-phone,” interview with Will on [around March 31]. Now I just wanted to inform you that during last week we made an interview with him, on 04/27.
I warn you, we’re not as professional as Everfree Radio, but I still put a lot of effort in it.
I haven’t completely listened to it yet, so dive in and be surprised!
  • Doctor Whooves

    Thank you so much!

    I didn’t expect to have an article on DHN so soon, you guys are awesome! =D