Well if you were possibly planning to hit up the convention being planned in Atlanta, Georgia, plan no more. The tl;dr of it all is that Hasbro forgot about this event until they attempted to sign up some voice actors. Due to the contracts these events have to sign with their venue, they have to cancel out due to the grace period, or else pay some heavy fines. Their convention was announced back on 10/9/12 here on DHN. This might become a common thing due to the sheer volume of pony related conventions being planned and the basic over saturation of the market, Hasbro isn’t going to green light them all.

It is with great disappointment that we must announce the cancellation of Winter Moon Celebration: Atlanta.
After initial well-wishes from Hasbro, our con was forgotten and agents told we didn’t exist, effectively blocking us from signing any talent from the show. While we had hoped to resolve this in time, we have unfortunately reached a point where we can no longer maintain our reservation with our venue without risking significant financial penalty.  This is not a decision we have taken lightly and we are all very saddened that we have had to make this call. Thank you to the few of you that put your faith in our con and have already registered – refunds have already been submitted and should be seen in the coming days.

The Winter Moon Celebration Staff

  • Ouch. That’s gotta suck.

  • StatManDan

    The writing may have been on the wall after Andrea, Peter, and Nicole all signed up for Animate! Miami the other day and that’s the same weekend as Winter Moon Celebration would’ve been.

  • Present Perfect

    While I can understand that they were trying to get talent for the con, and no doubt planned around having it, show talent should not be the main reason for running a convention. Trotcon had none whatsoever and it was fantastic, highlighting talent from around the fandom instead.

    Still, my sympathies. D: That’s gotta be hard.

    • StatManDan

      I think another problem is that they only announced things in October and I think it would be quite the ordeal to get everything up an running in three months. Most of the other cons have given at least five or six months’ advance notice. Also, a lot depends on the ambitions of the organizers and how big they want their convention to be. Trotcon and Midwestria aimed low and still got good reviews from those who attended. Fiesta Equestria seems to be aiming high while it’s not known how high Sweet Apple Acres in Nashville is aiming. Of course, both are bookending Everfree NW this year.

      Again, my sympathies to those who were planning the event in Atlanta. It’s real unfortunate.